Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is a non-profit society dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life.

As a marine science centre, we aim to present the science behind topics of interest. This enables us to present facts and data in a neutral manner that is non-advocacy based.

We have experts in marine environment – biology, ecology and ecosystems – and we stand on science and fact.

Our aim is to help people make informed decisions on issues that have an impact on our world’s oceans.

We see ourselves as a place to have conversation, explore ideas and present options. And we do it without bias. We do not see ourselves as an organization that dictates what people should think or how they should act.

This philosophy applies to our sponsors and donors as well – our gift acceptance policy clearly states that we are free to communicate facts, based on science, which includes publicly disagreeing with any sponsor or donor, should that occur.

We hope you find the information we share to be helpful as you gather your own thoughts, and form your own opinions, about the world around you.

Get involved and let’s keep talking.


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