For two years, the Indian triggerfish (Melichthys indicus) has been Amy L.’s daily inspiration. She says, “This was the first fish I saw on my first day as a work experience student. I remember everyone huddled around the exhibit pointing at the triggerfish.”

Now, as a customer service ambassador at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, Amy has plenty of opportunities to watch her favourite animal. She says, “I am always by the 4-D theatre near the exhibit, so I’ve learned its hiding spot and where it likes to hang around when it’s not swimming.”

Amy is a customer service ambassador at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Amy is a customer service ambassador at the Vancouver Aquarium.

This tropical fish has made quite the impression on Amy; she nominated it for July’s Staff Pick of the Month.

The Indian triggerfish inspires her to be at her best when she’s working. She says, “If it can swim all day and be fast and energetic, then I feel like I can be just as fun as it is.”

Indian triggerfish are found in coral reefs from the Indo-Pacific to the Indian Ocean, including East Africa. They eat sponges, algae, crabs and shrimps, and other small invertebrates. These fish can grow to 25 centimetres, almost the length of a standard ruler.

Head to the Canaccord Financial Exploration Gallery and see if Amy and the Indian triggerfish are around.

“When I point it out to guests, especially children, they really seem captivated by its energy.”

Written by Karen Glanzberg, writer-editor, content and digital experience at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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