Panamanian golden frogs are nearly extinct in the wild.

The world’s amphibians are under siege. More than 2,000 species could be wiped out within the next few decades — and frogs are among the most endangered of all. It is estimated that at least 165 species of amphibians have become extinct in the past 10 years alone.

While loss of habitat, climate change, chemical pollution and invasive species are a significant and growing threat to amphibians, the most immediate danger is deadly chytrid fungus, which is spreading rapidly and wiping out frog populations around the world.

Endangered from research at the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium is working to breed and release endangered frogs, such as the northern leopard frog.

Frogs are an indicator species. Their health (or lack thereof) and their presence (or absence) tells us a lot about the environment and how other species may be doing. They are also an important part of the food web. Frogs eat a lot of insects, like mosquitoes, and help to keep those populations under control.

Can you imagine a world without frogs? We can’t.

It is why the Vancouver Aquarium is a part of Amphibian Ark — a worldwide effort to conserve frogs and other amphibians through breeding programs at accredited aquariums and zoos. We currently breed three critically threatened species: Oregon spotted frog, northern leopard frog and Panamanian golden frog. Last year, our team released 4,200 Oregon spotted and northern leopard frog tadpoles back to the wild to help bolster those populations.

Vancouver Aquarium frog conservation

Your symbolic adoption will help keep species like the Oregon spotted frog in our ecosystems for years to come.

You can help these efforts.

For a limited time only, we have a new member of the Aquarium’s Aquadopt family. These symbolic adoption kits support our conservation, research and education initiatives. By purchasing the Frog Aquadopt kit, you are directly support our frog conservation and breeding efforts.

They are a perfect gift for frog lovers, that hard-to-buy person on your list, or anyone who has a birthday on February 29! Get yours today before supplies run out.

To learn more about the other Aquadopt animals, click here.

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