The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is preparing to host the 9th International Aquarium Congress (IAC) from September 25 to 30, 2016. As the Congress approaches we want to extend a warm welcome to all the IAC attendees including approximately 1,500 leading practitioners and scientists from nearly 45 countries to the city of Vancouver.

The last IAC took place in 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa — this year members of the aquarium and marine science industry will reunite in the beautiful city of Vancouver to hold innovative and important discussions surrounding the world’s oceans and our natural world. John Nightingale, president and CEO of the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is confident the ninth IAC will inspire delegates and leave each one with an in-depth understanding of the current state of our oceans and aquatic environments.

As a founding IAC member and an integral part of the worldwide network of aquariums, the Vancouver Aquarium values and understands the importance of cultivating relationships and initiating collaborative discussions. The Congress provides the scientific community with the latest on marine life research, extending the opportunity to discuss global and local issues and sharing successful initiatives.

John Nightingale explains that the focus at this year’s Congress will be on the current state of our oceans and freshwater environments as well as the human impacts affecting these ecosystems and their biodiversity — such as overfishing, microplastics, ocean pollution and underwater noise pollution. The Congress will highlight marine mammal rescue efforts and conservation initiatives the aquarium and marine science industry is taking to affect change and positively impact our aquatic environments globally. The Congress will feature eight Keynote Speakers:

  • Peter Ross, Vancouver Aquarium’s director of the Ocean Pollution Research Program – key pollution issues facing the world’s oceans
  • John Englander, oceanographer — sea level rise altering ocean currents
  • Gregory Flato, senior scientist —climate science research and climate projections
  • Boris Worm, marine ecologist —challenges and solutions for the conservation of fish species at a global scale
  • Paul Loiselle, curator of freshwater fishes at the New York Aquarium — the state of freshwater fish populations
  • James Guest, marine biologistthe degradation of coral reefs
  • Jennifer B. Pramuk, zoo curator at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle — the challenges of amphibian and non-fish aquatic species conservation
  • Julie Packard, executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium — aquariums shaping the future for humanity on this planet.

Participation to the 9th International Aquarium Congress is open to all scientists, researchers, conservationists, educators, suppliers, students interested in marine life research. You can register online here.

As host of IAC 2016, Vancouver Aquarium, with the help of its 475+ staff and 1,000+ volunteers, is planning for an unforgettable Congress. With a diverse and multicultural setting, Vancouver is a perfect backdrop for international exchange and intercultural dialogue. The Congress will be held at the city’s state-of-the-art Convention Centre surrounded by world-class hotels, sought-after culinary scene and diversity of aquatic life. We look forward to sharing the experience with you.

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