Seafood lovers will now be able to find Ocean Wise seafood at Overwaitea Food Group (OFG) supermarkets. Earlier this year, OFG’s five Urban Fare locations joined the Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise® program. Save-on-Foods has now followed suit, with dozens of locations across western Canada now offering ocean-friendly seafood options.


Ocean Wise options at the seafood counter can be identified by the Ocean Wise symbol.

“Our team is very excited about bringing this partnership with Vancouver Aquarium to our customers,” says Darrell Jones, president of Save-On-Foods and the Overwaitea Food Group. “Ocean Wise is a well-known and trusted brand that consumers easily understand. With trained seafood specialists, take-home pamphlets and clearly identified options at our seafood counters, we’re proud to be doing our part to help customers easily make ocean-friendly choices when deciding what seafood to feed their families.”


Consumers can now make ocean-friendly seafood choices at Save-on-Foods and Urban Fare.

“People across the country are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from and understand that they can contribute to a healthy planet simply by choosing to purchase ocean-friendly seafood products,” said John Nightingale, president and CEO of Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. “Overwaitea Food Group has long been committed to sustainability and we’re pleased to have them come on board as an Ocean Wise partner in support of our conservation and education efforts. Working together, we can continue to move the needle on sustainability and provide consumers with easy access to recommended choices, ensuring we leave our oceans healthy and plentiful for future generations.”


Overwaitea Food Group offers take-home pamphlets to help customers easily make ocean-friendly choices.

Consumers across the country are increasingly interested in making sustainable choices, but according to a recent Insights West poll conducted earlier this year, only three in five Canadians know where to buy it. OFG’s goal is not only to provide their consumers with access to sustainable seafood choices, but also to connect them to how their choices can positively impact our lakes, rivers and oceans. Partnering with Ocean Wise means that sustainable seafood will be identified in numerous Save-on-Foods and Urban Fare locations across western Canada, allowing customers to easily find and choose sustainable seafood options. This helps create a ripple effect throughout the supply chain where the demand for sustainability is also felt by the producers and harvesters.

The sushi at Urban Fare is 100% Ocean Wise.

The sushi at Urban Fare is 100% Ocean Wise.

Partnering with large retail chains is no small feat, and requires on-going collaboration and communication. Ocean Wise is proud of the OFG’s dedication to working with seafood suppliers, training the staff, and working in-store to identify sustainable options with the Ocean Wise symbol, in order to adopt a model of sustainability contributing to the health of our oceans. Urban Fare’s grab-and-go sushi bar also became 100 per cent Ocean Wise by dropping unsustainable items such as unagi (eel) and squid so that every sushi option is ocean-friendly.

Overwaitea Food Group CEO Darrell Jones and Vancouver Aquarium President John Nightingale.

Overwaitea Food Group CEO Darrell Jones and Vancouver Aquarium President & CEO John Nightingale.

Ocean Wise is thrilled to have Overwaitea Food Group’s Save-on-Foods and Urban Fare on board as strong influencers in the seafood supply chain, which is making a difference in ocean conservation.

Aquablog by Claire Li, Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Account Representative

Overfishing is the single biggest threat our oceans face today. With more than 675 partners across Canada, Ocean Wise makes it easy for consumers to make sustainable seafood choices that ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item is the Vancouver Aquarium’s assurance of an ocean-friendly seafood choice.


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