Like clockwork, every few years, animal rights critics bully local politicians into challenging our role as a rescue centre, research facility and classroom for our children. Vancouver’s beloved and respected Marine Science Centre is being threatened once again and forced to divert energy away from protecting our oceans to correcting misnomers, dispelling myths and providing truth behind alternative facts.

  • Vancouver Aquarium is a non-political, not-for-profit organization that uses conservation, not politics, as its compass. As long as species continue to go extinct, we will continue to protect them.
  • Ours is a marine mammal sanctuary for rescued whales and dolphins that are not releasable due to their inability to survive in the wild – the only alternative is euthanasia.
  • This is the only Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Canada. We save more than 100 marine mammals a year with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. Without the experience gained by taking care of animals daily, the Aquarium will slowly lose the expertise necessary to operate it.
  • In 1996, we made a clear promise to not collect whales and dolphins from the wild. In fact, the last wild whale or dolphin was collected 27 years ago.
  • As a community partner, we have a history of listening to the public. Our recent commitments include caring for a group of non-breeding beluga whales and discontinuing the display of these whales by the end of 2029.
  • Our commitments will allow Canadian scientists to continue vital research on endangered beluga whales, and sets-up an orderly transition to focus on wild beluga research.
  • As a tenant, Vancouver Aquarium contributes nearly $1 million annually to the City of Vancouver and does not receive financial support from the City as part of its ongoing operations.
  • Community members demonstrate their growing support with each visit – in 2016, we saw a record 1.18 million families connect with aquatic life at our learning centre.
  • Our plan includes a multi-million dollar revitalization to aging infrastructure which includes significantly expanded habitats, all of which has been planned, developed and permitted by the City of Vancouver.

Tell the Vancouver Park Board that we expect our politicians to base their decisions on facts and evidence in support of ocean science.

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