Over the past few years, the concept of sustainable food has made significant headway in Quebec. As a result, many Quebecers are increasingly interested in the source of our seafood. Just in time comes the Ocean Wise Seafood expansion to Quebec.

With successful offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax, and a great reputation across the country,  Ocean Wise is pushing past the language barrier and expanding its reach into la belle provence. After all, overfishing is an issue of national importance and requires national solutions. This means involving the citizens of Canada’s second most populous province in the sustainable seafood movement.

Ocean Wise’s provincial headquarters at L’Aquarium du Quebec.

Long-time Ocean Wise supporter, L’Aquarium du Québec, is the new home of the provincial office. This partnership provides a wonderful platform, resources and credibility in the eyes of the people of Quebec. Not to mention the perks of waving hello to a walrus every morning or taking a coffee break with the great Pacific octopus.

Revolutionizing the way French-Canadians think about seafood is going to be a great challenge. After beginning my role as Ocean Wise Quebec program coordinator in July, 2017, I faced the task of setting up a new provincial office — life was busy, to say the least. The next order of business was  translating all Ocean Wise materials into French — a long, but very rewarding process once you have the finished product in hand. Now comes the work of strengthening existing relationships in Quebec, connecting with potential partners, and identifying and submitting local species for sustainability  assessments.

Connecting with Quebec City partner restaurant, La Korrigane.

Over the coming year, we plan to grow our network of partners and provide consumers with more sustainable seafood options at restaurants and grocery stores. Currently, we have 30 partners in Quebec, but only two restaurants located in the capital of Quebec City. There is much work to be done recruiting new partners here. We also hope to host the first-ever Quebec edition of the Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown in the coming year. There’s an abundance of exceptional seafood throughout the province. It’s vital to  connect the people of Quebec with  sustainable options.

One thing is for certain: it will be an eventful, busy year for Ocean Wise in Quebec. So, for the love of sustainable seafood, stay connected and follow us for key updates on our expansion across the province.



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