Throughout the school year, Ocean Wise Educations runs the Junior Biologist Club, engaging children aged seven to 12 years of age with the animals, science and research that happens behind the scenes at Ocean Wise’s Vancouver Aquarium. Junior Biologist Ocean Champion, Oliver Millar, has attended all 36 club sessions since the program began, sometimes attending multiple sessions on the same topic. He is the first club participant to receive all seven of our Junior Biologist badges. He brings in coral artifacts from his recent travels to share with the club and has become a leader and inspiration to other members. He is a real ocean expert, guiding visitors through Ocean Wise’s Aquarium as handily as any staff member.

But why is Oliver so dedicated to the Junior Biologist Club? This is what he had to say.

Oliver at work in the Junior Biologist Club.

Ocean Wise Education: Can you describe what the Junior Biologist Club (JBC) means to you?

Oliver Millar: It helps educate me in marine biology, and it inspires me to help the ocean.

OWE: Can you describe your most memorable experience at JBC?

OM: The most memorable experience I’ve had was when the belugas were led down to the viewing glass and we got to interact with the whales! I also loved achieving my 35-session milestone!

OWE: What surprised you at JBC?

OM: The thing that surprised me most is how much more aquarium there is behind the scenes and how much work and research goes into caring for all the animals.

OWE: What’s next for you at the JBC? 

OM: I am thrilled that Ocean Wise has opened up the Junior Biologist Club to 12-year-olds, so I will continue attending and learn even more about our oceans! I would like to be a marine biologist when I grow up and the club sessions are the perfect introduction for me.

The world depends on youth understanding life in the ocean, says Oliver Millar.

OWE: What is your hope for the ocean?

OM: I hope that people will start to respect the ocean and all its life much better. I also hope that the JBC will go on forever because it is fun, it educates kids for the future, and the world depends on it.

If you would like to join Oliver Millar and become an Ocean Champion, registration for our 2017-2018 Junior Biologist Club is now open:

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