Every month, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup leads a backyard cleanup at the Toronto and Vancouver offices. Obviously, these cleanups look very different depending on where they happen. In Toronto,  the team is based out of the Centre for Social Innovation’s Annex building  in a vibrant, west-end university neighbourhood.

High fives all around as the Toronto team celebrates a cleanup well done.

In Vancouver, the office is located in Stanley Park: a popular tourist destination lined with shorelines and backgrounded by mountains.  In 2015, the Vancouver team started monthly cleanups in Stanley Park: a perfect spot to hold an afternoon clean. Toronto had a later start, beginning regular cleanups during the spring of 2017. At first, Toronto was a bit challenging to find a typical shoreline in a city-scape surrounded by streets, storm drains and alleyways. That is until we remembered that a shoreline is anywhere land connects to water.

The Vancouver team cleans in the woods of Stanley Park during World Water Week last August.

So, from east to west, who cleaned shorelines best?  Actually, that’s a trick question. Any cleanup is a great cleanup. It doesn’t matter how far you clean, how many volunteers join or how many kilograms of litter you remove. What matters is that you got outside, rallied your friends and showed your shoreline, wherever that might be, that you care.

East vs. West: Cleanup Results

2017 Results Toronto Vancouver
Cleanups organized 5 11
Volunteers helping hands 18 175
Weight removed 35 kg 134 kg
Top three litter items ·         Cigarette butts

·         Food Wrappers

·         Tiny plastics & foam

·         Tiny plastic or foam

·         Cigarette butts

·         Food wrappers

Unusual Finds ·         Costume hat

·         Broken umbrella

·         A nice dress

·         Boxing gloves (still in their original packaging and gifted to the friend of a volunteer)

·         A whole pear in a narrow mouth bottle

·         GPS unit for a boat

·         Star Wars spaceship toy

·         Toothbrush

The Vancouver team takes on a shoreline cleanup in beautiful Stanley Park.

Successful cleanups lead to cleaner shorelines and a community engaged in helping protect our rivers, lakes and oceans. You can take action any time of the year. Lead a shoreline cleanup near you by selecting a shoreline at www.ShorelineCleanup.ca

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, is one of the largest direct action conservation programs in Canada. A conservation initiative of the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre and WWF-Canada, the Shoreline Cleanup aims to promote understanding of shoreline litter issues by engaging Canadians to rehabilitate shoreline areas through cleanups. Find out more at www.shorelinecleanup.ca.

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One Response

  1. John Ambrose

    Hi guy’s, it is just a beautiful thing you do for the Shoreline!
    …you know while I’m sitting here in my living room and I look around at all the (stuff) on my coffee table and on the kitchen table..and everywhere else for that matter, I’m starting to imagine all of this (stuff) ending up on the Shorelines, – maybe not mine in particular, however maybe who knows, garbage goes to the dump or landfill – for want of a better word…it’s still the dump to me! ..and gets blown around and travels high into the sky to land in another community possibly even another Province (i live in Calgary) or State.
    ..it’s mind bogglingly overwhelming to think this is happening as well as people still just tossing out their garbage as they’re walking around a Lake, River or Ocean Shoreline, in this day and age when keeping Mother Nature beautiful is so clearly in our faces, it is very sad to think it happens every day.
    Thx for doing what you do, you make me smile!
    John Ambrose


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