Many people are familiar with the Ocean Wise® seafood program, which started at the Vancouver Aquarium® in 2005. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a menu item or on seafood packaging has become synonymous with making a healthy choice for our ocean.

Building on the roots of Vancouver Aquarium and its sustainable-seafood program, we launched Ocean Wise as our overarching global organization focused on protecting and restoring our world’s oceans. Ocean Wise aims to inspire people in every corner of the planet to participate in creating healthy oceans. With this expansion of Ocean Wise, a plan was put in motion to grow other aspects of our direct-action programs.

Since 2005, Ocean Wise has helped consumers make sustainable-seafood choices. Now, Ocean Wise Life will help you make ocean-friendly decisions in the rest of your life.

Making sustainable choices is one way to help ensure our ocean is healthy and flourishing. As one of our nationally branded programs, Ocean Wise Life encompasses ocean-friendly options for your everyday life. With the success of Ocean Wise Life already applied to sustainable seafood, the program now extends to other consumer lifestyle choices, including events.

Today, at a media event in Vancouver, BRANDLIVE announced the official line up for their inaugural SKOOKUM Festival, taking place in Stanley Park this September, 2018. SKOOKUM will be the first-ever Ocean Wise Life event partner. It’s one more way we are connecting with organizations interested in providing consumers with sustainable choices that keep healthy oceans in mind.

The SKOOKUM Festival taking place in Stanley Park September, 2018 will be an Ocean Wise Life event.

Ocean Wise Life partners are organizations that apply ocean-friendly criteria to inform the products and services they offer and provide sustainable choices to consumers. As with our seafood partners, joining the Ocean Wise Life program is a path of continual improvement. There are several criteria an event should meet before joining: we’re looking for events that reduce single-use plastic, improve waste management, use sustainable cleaning products, create opportunities to engage on ocean-friendly practices, and, of course, offer sustainable seafood choices.

At the end of the event, our partners will fill out a report card about all the sustainable activities that took place.

And, though it’s not mandatory, we’re also encouraging Ocean Wise Life event partners to complete a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup as part of their event as a way to get hands-on with their commitment to sustainability and reduce waste entering our oceans. The SKOOKUM team is already planning their first shoreline cleanup and are excited to use this as an opportunity to bring the team together so they all feel engaged in their Ocean Wise Life commitments.

This is just the beginning for Ocean Wise Life as we dive deep into new ways to help consumers and businesses make ocean-friendly choices.

Interested in becoming an Ocean Wise Life partner? Connect with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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