Halloween can be a tricky time for those trying to leave less disposable plastic on the earth. At this time of the year, everything seems to be covered in single-use plastic, from bite-sized chocolate bars to throwaway dollar-store costumes. In the case of trick-or-treaters, disposable plastic pretty much has to cover any candy you give out, unless you want all your lovingly made popcorn balls and well-intended apples thrown out by wary parents.

But the great brains behind the Ocean Wise’s Green Team put their heads together and brainstormed some ocean-friendly alternatives just as this plastic-heavy holiday is about to arrive. Read on!

For Treats:

  • Aluminum cans of pop or juice that are easy to recycle
  • Saltwater taffy can be bought in bulk and is pre-packaged in a compostable wrapper
  • Boxed candy options like Smarties
  • Reusable items that are fun for kids like pencils, crayons, or small notepads

For Trick-or-Treating:

  • Use flashlights (including those small bike lights) rather than one-time use glow sticks to light up the streets and kids
  • Make your own cloth treat bags by re-purposing that stash of reusable bags, or go old school and carry a pillow case
  • Put multiple treat options into reused bags rather than small cellophane bag

For Waste-Free Costumes:

  • Shop your local thrift store
  • Hold a costume swap with friends
  • Re-purpose an old costume or old clothes into a new costume
  • Avoid glitter, balloons, and sequins that can shed and impact both land and water animals

For Halloween Partying:

  • Avoid one-time use decorations and buy items that will work for multiple occasions.

Happy Halloween!

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