November: the wonderful season of cosy socks, warm drinks, evenings by the fireplace and…sustainable seafood! That is right, November is Ocean Wise month and it is our favourite time of the year to celebrate all things sustainable for the long-term health of our world’s lakes, rivers and oceans.

Here’s a suggested post for your social media this November: It’s #OceanWiseMonth + we’re proud @oceanwiselife ambassadors. We support sustainable seafood!

Overfishing is still the greatest way that humans directly impact oceans. This year, Ocean Wise is challenging all of our partners and followers from across Canada to help our great nation put sustainable seafood on the map and on everyone’s plates!

Not sure how you can get involved and be an #OceanChampion for #OceanWiseMonth? Check out these suggestions on how you can help promote the importance of ocean conservation through sustainable seafood sourcing:

  • Download our Ocean Wise mobile app for iOS or Android systems. This app lists all of our seafood recommendations and has a map to direct you to the nearest Ocean Wise partner restaurant.
  • Eat at an Ocean Wise partner restaurant and help support local businesses that care about where their seafood is coming from!
  • Become an Ocean Wise Ambassador! We offer free online Ocean Wise training for anyone who wants to learn more about the sustainable seafood movement and how we can all make a difference by being Ocean Wise.
  • When shopping at a retailer or fishmonger, take a photo of the Ocean Wise symbol to post online and thank your retailer for supporting sustainable seafood. Here’s a suggested post: It’s #OceanWiseMonth + we’re proud @oceanwiselife ambassadors. We support sustainable seafood!
  • Listen to the My Ocean: A Podcast and share what you learn! This podcast is all about the fascinating people that are helping to support ocean conservation around the world including interviews with Ocean Wise staff and Ocean Wise Executive Chef Ned Bell.

If you don’t know where your seafood is coming from, ask! Engaging with businesses about their seafood sourcing demonstrates that this is something their customers value. By starting the conversation you can help to make a big difference.

With over 700 partners across Canada and over 20,000 followers on social media, Ocean Wise has a large cross-country voice. Band together this November and we can help raise awareness of ocean conservation issues and get all Canadians to ask this all-important question:  Is this seafood Ocean Wise recommended?

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