For the Eco-Warrior:

  1. Abeego Beeswax Wraps –These adorable beeswax-dipped cloth wraps are a way more sustainable way to wrap up leftover turkey and stuffing.
  2. Titanium Spork – An unbreakable utensil for the truly hard-core. You know you’ll reuse this sucker; it can survive rust, salt water, or splashes of acid and chlorine.
  3. The Lint LUV-R – This washing machine attachment doesn’t look pretty, but when you imagine the millions of plastic microfibers the Lint-LUVR will collect from your next load of laundry so they don’t wash into the ocean– it’s a thing of beauty.


For Kiddies:

  1. Natural Rubber Bath Toys – No hole means no mould, in your bath toy that is. These solid and still squeezable bath toys are made of all-natural rubber and make for longer term purchase for your little one’s bath.
  2. Bamboo Lunch Box – Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, which makes these au-natural lunchboxes super sustainable.
  3. Sea Change, by Joel Harper – This wonderfully illustrated story of a little girl’s transformative visit to the seashore is also printed on 100% recycled fibre paper.

For Crafty Types:

  1. Woolbuddy DIY Felt Kit – Give the gift of a new hobby to that crafty pal on your list. This felting kit comes in all aquatic shapes and sizes that are perfect for crafting adorable plastic-free ornaments.

For Sophisticated Types:

  1. Alpaca Scarves – Sustainably crafted in Peru from unbelievably soft alpaca wool, these scarves are both classy and cosy.
  2. Salmon Cribbage Board – These beautiful cribbage boards, hand-carved by Powell River artist Andrew Riddle, come in spawning-red sockeye, killer whale, shark and humpback.

For the Foodie:

The team from Edmonton’s Share Restaurant at the Westin cooks up its winning white sturgeon chowder at the Chowder Chowdown in Calgary.

  1. Tickets to the Chowder Chowdown: This February face-off, this year in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, features top chefs crafting delectable, ocean-friendly seafood chowders, all of which hare paired with local beer and support sustainable seafood.
  2. Lure: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast by Ocean Wise Executive Chef Ned Bell: Embark on a wild Pacific adventure in this stunning cookbook, featuring over 80 recipes from fish tacos to caviar butter to chowders and ceviche. Authored by chef and seafood advocate Ned Bell, Lure also includes tips for selecting sustainable seafood and explores the health benefits of seafood.
  3. Denman Island Chocolate: This artisanal chocolate created by hand on Denman Island, in the Gulf Islands of BC, will satisfy any sweet-tooth’s craving.

For the Animal-Lover:

  1. Aquadopt –Adopt a walrus, killer whale or otter — symbolically that is – and conserve real-life animals in the ocean. Bonus: you receive an applicable tax receipt for your gift!
  2. Wool Pet Beds – Celebrate the season, and your love for aquatic life, with a very on-point pet bed made from a sustainable natural material.

For That Person Who Has Everything:

  1. Vancouver Aquarium Membership – Experience unlimited access to the Aquarium’s exhibits, programs and incredible marine life all while supporting the world’s understanding and appreciation of our oceans.
  2. Behind the Scenes Tour – From dolphins to penguins, this is your chance to give an incredible encounter with marine life at the Aquarium in a personalized behind-the-scenes tour.

The hexacopter drone on a mission for snot and more data on humpback whales. You can support this research as a sustainable gift on Ocean Wise’s virtual gift store,

  1. Whale Snot – Give the gift of cutting-edge research this holiday season. On Ocean Wise’s virtual gift store, find a range of eccentric gifts that help the Vancouver Aquarium’s mission to study, support and conserve aquatic life.

Wrap It Up:

  1. DIY Gift Wrap – Turn all those Christmas shopping bags into festive wrapping paper with this Ocean Wise Here’s How tutorial.
  2. Reusable Bags – Double your gift by wrapping a present in a reusable seafood-themed tote bag.
  3. Recycled Wrapping Paper – Wrap your sustainable gift in recycled wrapping paper, made with soy-based ink, sold at the Vancouver Aquarium’s Gift Shop.

Shop seven days a week during opening hours at the Vancouver Aquarium or online around the clock. (There’s no entrance fee for visiting the Gift Shop.) All purchases support Ocean Wise’s conservation work to help our oceans.

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