The annual Pollution Probe Gala, called Living in the Plastic Age, calls attention to the crisis of plastic pollution on our planet. Pollution Probe has chosen to highlight Plastic Wise, an Ocean Wise initiative to raise awareness and share solutions to address the crisis of ocean plastic. The focus of this year’s gala is on the alarming number of plastics and microplastics that are found in our waters. Plastic in the ocean poses threats to ecosystems, humans and animals. Pollution Probe and Ocean Wise are both dedicated to addressing this issue through research, and by encouraging immediate changes to wasteful behaviours.

In spring 2018, Ocean Wise launched the Plastic Wise initiative to expand efforts to understand and combat the growing global crisis of plastics in our oceans. The initiative involves multi-faceted research, outreach and education, and solutions-oriented partnerships with business and industry to influence large-scale change in plastic use. These efforts aim to increase knowledge of microplastic contamination; raise awareness of plastic pollution problems and solutions; and help to change behaviour and break patterns of plastic use to prevent it from entering the ocean. The public can sign up for the #BePlasticWise pledge, where participants receive monthly challenges, inspiring stories and practical tips for reducing single-use plastic items.

The annual Pollution Probe Gala offers an opportunity to bring together industry, government, academia, and civil society to celebrate leadership shown by the environmental community. It is an honour for Ocean Wise to receive this year’s award, as it recognizes that the Plastic Wise initiative is making a positive impact and providing solutions to a growing problem.

“We thank Pollution Probe for their recognition. We are proud to continue raising awareness and inspiring action that will safeguard the lives of animals and help the environment heal from this pollution crisis,” said Dr. John Nightingale, president and CEO of Ocean Wise. “We’re all part of the problem – consumers, businesses and government – and we need to work together to be part of solutions.”

Founded in 1969, Pollution Probe is a Canadian charitable environmental organization that is a leading agent of change at the intersection of communities, health and environment. Pollution Probe defines environmental problems through research, promotes understanding through education and presses for practical solutions through advocacy.

Ocean Wise®
Ocean Wise is a not-for-profit organization whose vision is a world in which oceans are healthy and flourishing.

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