Before Terry joined the Adult Volunteer Program with Ocean Wise, he had only been to the Vancouver Aquarium a handful of times. Terry was entering retirement when a friend, who had been a Vancouver Aquarium volunteer himself, inspired Terry by sharing his own experience. Four years later, Terry has contributed nearly 2,000 hours of his time to various roles and areas and he is not going to stop any time soon.

Terry is quick to note that there are volunteers who have devoted even more time to the Aquarium, making it clear that volunteers are loyal and there are many reasons why they keep coming back.

“You always feel that you are treated so well here.”

He shares that he has had the opportunity to explore different areas within the Aquarium and Ocean Wise. His time has not only allowed him to expand his scientific interests but Terry has also been able to meet a variety of people including “the real life James Bond.”

As a retiree, Terry has provided stellar customer service as a Gallery Host, interviewed people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds during times of volunteer recruitment, and played a role in the Engaging Seniors’ Recruitment Project, informing other older adults in the community about the amazing opportunities available at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Retirees are a valuable resource to any organization, coming with a sea of experience and time flexibility. Benefits of volunteering include social, physical and mental engagement and you can find all of that here at Ocean Wise.

Being an Ocean Wise volunteer comes with great perks like getting access to education sessions to learn from passionate marine experts. He praises the support and training that is provided to volunteers, empowering them to educate and inspire the public in their role.

One of his volunteer coordinators, Kelsey, appreciates Terry and his willingness to learn, share knowledge, and lend a hand. Like any volunteer in the Visitor Experience team, you are ambassadors for the Aquarium, Ocean Wise, Vancouver, and sometimes Canada. “Terry is dedicated to our oceans and their conservation. He is here to ensure that the message of our oceans gets heard by the world,” says Kelsey.

Terry has recently completed his training to volunteer in the wet lab as an Educator. He is now looking forward to igniting the spark in school-aged children to learn about ocean life and beyond.

Terry is part of a group of more than 1,400 volunteers who contributed 94,000 hours of their time to support the mission of Ocean Wise: inspiring the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans. Want to join Terry? Join us for an information session. Learn more at

The next Adult Volunteer Program session takes place on Thursday, April 11. Sign up here.

This blog was written by a volunteer engagement writer, Jeanie.


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