Tarantulas. Cockroaches. Ssssssssnakes.

This October 31st at the Vancouver Aquarium’s After Hours Hallowe’en, embrace all that the darkness holds dear. Say hello to the creepy, the crawly, and the hissy, for on All Hallows Eve — like it or not — they are your “friends.” It’s a good night not to go barefoot.

But do come in your most imaginative Hallowe’en costume, for there will be prizes. There’ll be 60,000 creatures of the deep dressed in their finest, so you’ll want to put on at least a little bit of a show.

Buy your tickets in advance, arrive with a friend (who knows how you’ll leave?) and grab a cocktail from the bar before wandering through our galleries, barely trembling at all. Yes, that’s a shark. Yes, in some circles, your seal outfit might be considered shark-bait. What of it?

Steel yourself – maybe this Hallowe’en, in that ensemble, you’ll have the guts to win our trivia contest. And maybe you’ll be brave enough to experience our film, A Reef Reborn: 4D. What does the “D” stand for, on Hallowe’en night? Is it “danger”? Or “dearly departed”?

Spooky music spun by our two DJs will loosen the stays of even the stiffest Bride of Frankenstein.

There will be other mysterious aspects to the night. Is that the sound of a cat screeching, or the wail of a guest who stumbled upon the bat habitat and found its residents eerily transformed into pale folk with Transylvanian accents? (The Vancouver Aquarium welcomes people of every nationality, but does not permit blood-sucking on the premises.) Is that spine-tingling moan the cry of a ghost, the evening song of a sea creature, or the roar of a guest whose appetite was not equal to the size of our café’s poutine?

How will you know, if you’re holed up alone at home, doors locked, avoiding trick-or-treaters?

Come ooooooouuuuuuutttttttt, dear ones. For what is more “After Hours” an occasion than Hallowe’en?

(Please dress in ocean-friendly fashion, without sequins or glitter.)

Date: Thursday, Oct. 31st

Time: 6:30-11 p.m.

Where: Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park (845 Avison Way)

Cost: Adult: $38 | Member: $30 | VIP: $55 | VIP Member: $44

For more information and to purchase tickets: https://www.vanaqua.org 

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