By Debbie, home learner parent

When I was in Grades 11 and 12, I had the opportunity to visit the Carmanah Valley and the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. Those two experiences alone were enough to wow a city kid freshly relocated from Ottawa. I had the chance to see nature at its very best, in beautiful British Columbia.

Because these two experiences were hands-on and led by passionate staff, they had a massive impact on the way I saw the world. I immediately changed my shopping habits, daily routines, and mindset because I had been made aware of the fragility of our environment. Ocean Wise’s Home Learner program at the Vancouver Aquarium has been no different for my 8-year old son.

Through his own experiences at the Vancouver Aquarium and as a part of Ocean Wise’s Home Learners Program, Graham has heard firsthand accounts from learning experts and research scientists. These encounters with staff and volunteers who discuss the real-life application of conservation, protection and education values have had a profound impact on him.

As a result of the Home Learner programs at the Vancouver Aquarium, Graham has an increased awareness of and responsibility to the environment and our home. He walks the talk because of hands-on, intensive learning experiences through the Home Learner series. He is now teaching others to be more responsible and to make connections between their daily actions and future consequences.

I have influenced my son to a degree because of what I learned in my youth. I hope to continue to spark his interest in all things marine science and environmental, but it is world-class learning institutions like the Vancouver Aquarium that make everything real to him. I chose the Vancouver Aquarium at Ocean Wise because I believe that the research and education that is taking place is unique and unrivalled in our country. We were thrilled to be able to take part in the Home Learners series and we look forward to a new season of programming starting Oct. 10th, 2019.

Join our team of teaching experts at the Vancouver Aquarium for custom-designed workshops just for you. Learn about marine wildlife in a whole new way while experiencing fun, hands-on activities, sharing stories with the experts, and getting an insider’s look at what happens behind the scenes. Registration is now open.

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