November 11 is the final day to see Douglas Coupland’s groundbreaking ocean plastics exhibit

Artist Douglas Coupland’s confronting exhibit exploring the crisis of ocean plastic pollution is in its final run at the Vancouver Aquarium. The last day to see Vortex will be Monday, November 11, 2019.

Vortex was imagined as a large-scale artistic take on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — now estimated to be three times the size of France.

The focus of the exhibit is a 50,000-litre water installation comprised of a Japanese fishing boat that was recovered on the shores of Haida Gwaii (an archipelago off British Columbia’s west coast). The vessel floats atop a swathe of disposable bottles, car tires, jugs, and other nonbiodegradable waste—all also collected from Haida Gwaii waters by Coupland and his team.

Partly inspired by the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup’s “dirty dozen”, the exhibition also features a gallery wall showcasing a curious collection of the most common marine debris found washed up on shorelines.

Vortex was designed with the purpose of immersing the public in the ocean plastic pollution crisis, and most importantly fostering positive change. The exhibit is just one in a series of Ocean Wise’s initiatives highlighting the problem of ocean plastic pollution. Through this carefully curated installation, Douglas Coupland turns environmental activism into art.

Don’t miss out. For full details on the exhibit, as well as Vancouver Aquarium hours and directions, visit

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