The Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue centre will be the subject of a new TV series called Wild Pacific Rescue!

Ocean Wise Conservation Association, the not-for-profit that operates the Vancouver Aquarium and Marine Mammal Rescue, has partnered with Toronto-based production company White Pine Pictures on the new, six-episode docu-series, which was commissioned by Love Nature 4K, a natural history content brand, owned by Blue Ant Media.

Wild Pacific Rescue will take viewers on dramatic and emotional animal rescue expeditions along the rugged, mountain-ringed coastline of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring the Vancouver Aquarium’s world-renowned veterinarian, Dr. Marty Haulena and his skilled team, the show will follow along as they rescue and rehabilitate some of the ocean’s most extraordinary creatures including orcas, sea lions, dolphins and sea turtles.

Ocean Wise is providing Wild Pacific Rescue with unique and exclusive access to its world-class Marine Mammal Rescue facility in Vancouver and rescue operations. On any given day the rescue team could be disentangling a trapped California sea lion from a fishing net, administering antibiotics to a sick Orca from a moving Zodiac, or hand raising an orphaned sea otter pup.

The new show is a fantastic opportunity for Ocean Wise to bring awareness to the many, very serious, threats facing our oceans, including pollution, habitat destruction and unsustainable resource extraction, which are among the reasons that 50 percent of global marine wildlife has been lost in the last 40 years.

The series will premiere on Cottage Life channel in Canada, and Sky TV in the UK,  in Spring 2021 and subsequently roll out across Love Nature linear and streaming video platforms in Canada and internationally.

Founded in 1960 by the Vancouver Aquarium, the aim of the Marine Mammal Rescue Program is to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild. The focus is on animals that have been harmed as a result of human activity or interference. Operations are based out of the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, a hospital for sick, injured or orphaned marine mammals. The Marine Mammal Rescue program is an initiative of Ocean Wise Conservation Association.

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