Ocean Wise’s annual Oregon spotted frog tadpole release took place last week in Agassiz, BC – proof that despite COVID-19, Ocean Wise’s work to protect ecosystems continues.


Populations of Oregon spotted frogs are decreasing in the wild and their conservation status is listed as vulnerable.

The tadpoles were bread, hatched and raised under the care of biologists at the Vancouver Aquarium and approximately 700 tadpoles were mature enough for transport.

About half were released by Ocean Wise biologists at Seabird Island in Agassiz and the other half were delivered to the Greater Vancouver Zoo to be reared up to froglets before being released at a later date.

Does our annual tadpole release make a difference to this species? Yes! Last month it was reported that the site where Ocean Wise released tadpoles last year had a confirmed breeding event (several egg masses laid). This means our captive born frogs are surviving into adulthood and reproducing successfully.

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