What does the Vancouver Aquarium mean to you? That is the question we asked people when they made a donation towards our Save the Vancouver Aquarium campaign. Here’s what some of them said…

The Vancouver Aquarium is where I learned to love the ocean. I am now a marine scientist.

I have supported the Vancouver Aquarium for the last 6 years and visit with my grandchildren often, ages 6, 4 and 2. I think the education value they provide to children is vital in developing tomorrows leaders to take a strong interest in the ocean and environment.

I was a youth volunteer at the Aquarium from 2000-2004 and it was an incredible source of inspiration and I certainly would not be where I am today without my time as a volunteer at the Aquarium.

I heard your amazing story from my friend living in BC. I live in a desert and don’t get the privilege to admire sea animals. Please protect them for me.

A window into the precious life in our oceans, and a treasure chest of shared memories for generations of my family.

As a child, I cherished my adopted killer whale through the adoption program (Surf A66). I also spent an incredible day of learning and fun with your marine mammal team quite a few years ago.

The level of care and compassion shown to all of the animals is unlike any other. This is one of my favorite aquariums in the world. I always make a point of visiting whenever I’m in Vancouver-area.

I love this Aquarium. My husband proposed to me and then took me to the Aquarium and it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever been to!

Little did I know that sea otters are a keystone species in our coastal marine ecosystem, that the bullfrog is an invasive species in many places, that piranha aren’t a danger to me, that not all penguins like the cold, or that the spiny lumpsucker is a golf ball-sized fish that lives in the waters surrounding Stanley Park. I’d never have known or seen any of these incredible creatures that I now love and defend had it not been for my frequent aquarium visits.

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  1. Ann Howe

    Great stories

    Wherever Wouid one be without the wonderful
    Vancoiver Aquarium where Research is happening every day and the joy of
    Learning is taking place as I write . I am a great fan . A
    Long time donor since it’s inception and so today’s donation is towards a meal for one of my little sea otters

  2. ADAM

    The Aquarium means everything to me. We had a family membership for my entire childhood. In my adult life, I had a single membership for years, and when our first daughter was born (over 6 years ago), my wife and I got our own family membership. We go with our two daughters now all the time. We love the Aquarium dearly!


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