During these dire times where organisations like the Vancouver Aquarium are fighting for their existence, there are some amazing young people who are stepping up and going above and beyond to answer the call.

Saving the ocean, one wave at a time

Daniel Eastough is taking his fight for the ocean, and the survival of organizations who want to protect it, very seriously. This 5-year-old superhero is biking 250 km in just one month to raise money for the Vancouver Aquarium so that we can continue to protect the ocean. He is hoping to raise 1 dollar per km for a total of 250 and has already raised over 1200! His mom Erin, is supporting his cause in every way possible and has created his fundraising page here.  Thank you Daniel, for just being you and taking on such a great cause!

Musical Genius and generosity go hand in hand

The music students at C&K Music Studio have created beautiful music with great purpose. They have invested their time and energy during the COVID-19 pandemic into creating a virtual concert that is full of entertainment that will live forever through their donations to the Vancouver Aquarium. Please watch this concert here and support C&K Music Studio here in saving the Vancouver Aquarium so we that we can save the ocean!

Save the Vancouver Aquarium with Kate’s Art

Kate Morrissy has attended summer camp and spent numerous birthdays at the Vancouver Aquarium. It is one of her favourite places in the world. The thought of the Aquarium closing for good is unbearable to her and so she is doing everything in her power to stop that from happening. Her creative spirit and drive has helped her create art for this special cause and she now has numerous fantastic pieces of art that to sell. Support for Kate and her art can be made here. Kate has raised 1200, exceeding her goal of 1000 and inspiring kids everywhere to do the same.

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