Aqua Colour, a new ocean-themed colouring app is a collaboration between Tangible, Vancouver Mural Festival and Ocean Wise. Proceeds support Vancouver Aquarium!

Do you love to colour and are you inspired by ocean animals and colours? We’ve got something for you!

Local artists including Carson Ting of Chairman Ting studios, Joanna Ambrosio, Alison Woodward and Ben Tour have joined forces with Vancouver-based art and design studio Tangible, the Vancouver Mural Festival, and Ocean Wise to create a new, ocean-themed colouring app with proceeds supporting the not-for-profit Vancouver Aquarium!

The new Aqua Colour app – a free download for iPhone and Android – is an interactive, digital colouring book for tablets and phones inspired by the Vancouver Aquarium.

Simply use your finger or stylus to select colours and brush sizes, fill and shade areas, add stickers, and save or share your work.


Upon downloading the app, users get a free Stanley Park-themed colouring page from Vancouver artist Chairman Ting and the opportunity to download additional colouring page bundles from other artists starting at $3.99.

All colouring pages are ocean-themed and feature creatures, exhibits and locations inspired by the Vancouver Aquarium, including sea otters, jellies, sea turtles, tropical fish, Stanley Park, and the BC Coast. Users are encouraged to share their artwork on social media using the #AquaColour hash tag. 

The Vancouver Aquarium reopened to the public on June 26, after being closed for more than three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While closed, the not-for-profit Vancouver Aquarium lost almost all revenue and yet was still faced with more than $1 million dollars a month in animal care and facility costs. Despite very successful fundraising, emergency funding from the government and numerous community partnerships, the Vancouver Aquarium’s financial need has not gone away and the Vancouver Aquarium is still fighting for long-term survival. Under the new COVID-19 guidelines, the aquarium can only operate at 20-30% of normal visitor capacity. 


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