Monthly sponsorship will support the care of your favourite animal and help protect the future of the Vancouver Aquarium

Have you always wanted your very own fluffy sea otter, colourful “Nemo” fish, or waddling penguin? We can’t help you there. But we can help you with the next best thing – an animal sponsorship at the Vancouver Aquarium!

‘Zap’ the electric eel, ‘Schoona’ the rescued sea turtle, and ‘Señor Cinco’ the blind sea lion, these are just a few of the 12 species currently available to sponsor through the Vancouver Aquarium’s new Animal Sponsorship program which enables you to show your love for your favourite animals, and support the Vancouver Aquarium, for a little as $10 a month. Full details can be found at


With your monthly contribution, you will receive a sponsorship certificate; regular updates about your animal; information about their species and the challenges they face in the wild; opportunities to meet the experts who care for them everyday; and a consolidated tax receipt for the full amount of your donation at the end of the year.

Not only will you be supporting the food and care of your animal, you’ll also be helping the Vancouver Aquarium recover from the devastating business impacts of COVID-19. And you’ll be supporting Ocean Wise in their mission of rebuilding a healthy and flourishing ocean.

“As a not-for-profit aquarium almost completely funded by visitors, COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on our organization” said Lasse Gustavsson, president and CEO of Ocean Wise Conservation Association which operates the Vancouver Aquarium. “We have been overwhelmed by the community’s support thus far, but the reality is that our financial difficulties are far from over. If you love visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, and you love our animals as much as we do, this is another way you can support us and help to ensure the Vancouver Aquarium is here for generations to come.”  

The Vancouver Aquarium reopened to the public on June 26, after being closed for more than three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While closed, the not-for-profit Vancouver Aquarium lost almost all revenue and yet was still faced with more than $1 million dollars a month in animal care and facility costs. Despite very successful fundraising, emergency funding from government and numerous community partnerships, the Vancouver Aquarium’s financial need has not gone away and the Vancouver Aquarium is still fighting for long-term survival.

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