Between September 24 and October 29, the 25th annual Ocean Award winners take to the virtual stage to talk about their ocean conservation work.

The annual Ocean Awards, presented by Ocean Wise Research Institute, honour individuals and organizations for their highly significant contributions to ocean conservation through research, communications and thought leadership. 

In June we recognized the winners of the 25th annual Ocean Awards in a modified online celebration due to COVID-19 with a keynote presentation given by Dr. David Suzuki, winner of the North Medal.

The celebration isn’t over yet as Ocean Wise continues to honour the remaining six winners through the Ocean Award Lecture Series, part of the weekly Tales from the Deep virtual talk series.

Every Thursday, starting September 24, Ocean Wise invites a different award winner to give a lecture on their contribution to ocean conservation. A live Q&A, with questions from the online audience, follows each presentation.

Innovations in our understanding of climate change, underwater noise, invasive species, protection of natural and cultural resources, and integration of indigenous knowledge are just some of the issues addressed by this year’s winners. In a time when the ocean is under major threat from pollution, over fishing, climate change and habitat destruction, it is more important than ever to recognize the work being done to protect this valuable resource.

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September 24th 1:00 pm PST
Coastal Guardian Watchmen

Ocean Wise awarded the 2019 Conservation Leadership Award in Support of Social Responsibility to the Coastal Guardian Watchmen in reflection of the profoundly important leadership role this team has played as stewards of natural and cultural resources in the ocean. Join the live-stream to learn more about their important work.

October 1st 1:00pm PST
Danielle Shaw
The Murray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Conservation was awarded to Danielle Shaw for her dedicated contributions to marine protected areas, integration frameworks reflecting Indigenous Ways of Knowing, sustainable policy and advocacy contributions, and leadership of the Wuikinuxv Nation. On October 1, Danielle will discuss her important work.

October 8th 1:00pm PST
Dr. Philippe Tortell
The 2019 Ocean Wise Murray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Research was awarded to Dr. Philippe Tortell for his contributions to ocean climate and biogeochemical research, and his commitment to public engagement on the urgent topic of climate change.  On October 8th, Dr. Tortell discusses his work with Ocean Wise’s audience.

October 15th 1:00 pm PST
Dr. Brett Howard
The 2019 winner of the Michael A. Bigg Award for Student Research is Dr. Brett Howard for her thesis research on the ecological and economic impacts of invasive species in the coastal waters of British Columbia, and her work on planning for and mitigating future invasions. Hear Dr. Howard speak on October 15.

October 22nd 1:00 pm PST
Dr. Tom Dakin
The winner of the Award for Conservation Technology is Dr. Tom Dakin in recognition for his expert work on technological innovations in pursuit of a better understanding of underwater noise – a topic of current concern at the highest levels of government and shipping sectors around the world. Dr. Dakin speaks to a virtual audience on October 22.

October 29th 1:00 pm PST
Dr. Alejandro Frid
The winner of Ocean Wise’s 2019 Conservation and Research Communication Award for his communications using a blend of western science and indigenous knowledge in the pursuit a more sustainable world, is Dr. Alejandro Frid. Dr. Frid’s work is exemplified by his latest book, Changing Tides: An Ecologists Journey to Make Peace with the Anthropocene. Hear Dr. Frid on October 29.

About The Ocean Awards 
Founded in 1995 as a tribute to the Vancouver Aquarium’s founding director, Dr. Murray A. Newman, the Ocean Wise Research Institute’s Ocean Awards celebrate those at the forefront of ocean sciences and conservation, and their work through research, education, action, leadership and philanthropy.

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