October 31st, 2020

Healthy and flourishing oceans are rich with species, including some incredibly spooky ones. Leading up to Halloween, the Ocean Wise Seafood team asked their followers on Instagram and Facebook @OceanWiseSeafood to cast their vote for “Spookiest Fish”.

Celebrating all things creepy, Ocean Wise Seafood dug deep (Mariana Trench deep!) to find some spooky creatures for this contest.

Before we tell you who won, let’s meet the contestants:

First up, the Anglerfish is the spooky creature we all know from our childhood nightmares. Living 2,000m below the surface of the ocean, Anglerfish thrive in darkness and females use their bioluminescent (glowing) bobble to lure and attack their prey. Very spook.

Next up for consideration is the aptly named Goblin Shark, looking like an absolute terror under the sea. This is another deep ocean dweller that literally lives in the Marianas Trench and throws its jaws out three inches to chomp their prey. An incredibly rare species, you are unlikely to ever encounter a Goblin Shark.

Also vying for the title of “Spookiest Fish” is what one OWS staff member describes as “hauntingly beautiful with an emphasis on ‘haunting'”. Lurking in a reef near you, the Lionfish is not only spooky for its venomous spines, but as one of the most invasive fish in the world it can turn a bustling reef into a ghost town – and not in the fun Halloween way.

The last contender is the Sarcastic Fringehead, who has been competing for “Spookiest Fish” their whole life. Males flash their unsettlingly large mouths and surprising number of teeth to scare rival males and establish themselves as creepy kings of the ocean.

You voted! Who was crowned Halloween’s Spookiest Fish?

Congratulations to the Goblin Shark for being literally the spookiest fish we ever did see. You blew away the competition, gathering the most votes for your reign of terror. Today is your day. We are so proud.

The only thing scarier than these fish are empty oceans – help us keep our oceans healthy and flourishing by choosing Ocean Wise recommended sustainable seafood, supporting Ocean Wise Seafood partners, and learning more about sustainable seafood and ocean conservation from our website and social media.

Happy Halloween!

Aquablog written by Erika Bolliger, Ocean Wise Seafood Accounts Coordinator

Photo credits:

  1. David Shale, Minden Pictures
  2. Seapics
  3. Pixabay
  4. Adrine Honerbrink

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