The new year started off with a bang! Ocean Wise hosted a twitter takeover for #InternationalDayofEducation and celebrated the many achievements of our youth ambassadors.  

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📸credit: Ocean Wise Research, DFO Marine Mammal License, MML18

📸credit: Ocean Wise Research, DFO Marine Mammal License, MML18

@OceanWiseResearch posted this photo of a humpback whale known as BCZ0438 and nicknamed “Mangle” taken by the North Coast research team. This photo really highlights the possible negative interactions between these giants and our own species. You’ll notice some propeller scars along the right side of Mangle, as well as an entanglement scar from fishing gear at the base of the fluke. 
Although this situation is unfortunate, there is something you can do about it! If you see an animal in distress, you can call 1-800-465-4336. Report your sightings using the WhaleReport App which will notify shipping traffic of whales in the area and provide valuable data to research efforts. Taking actions like these can be potentially save the lives of these incredible mammals that we share our coastal home with.

YouthToSea had an incredible month! As you can see on @OceanWiseYouth, YouthToSea hosted a Used Toy Drive to give back to their communities. They collected over 2000 toys that have been redistributed to charities across Metro Vancouver. YouthToSea sorted everything and collected damaged toys to ensure they didn’t end up in landfill. They have successfully recycled 50lbs of broken unmarked plastic toys and donated the ones they could. Great work, team! 


What’s the strangest thing you have found during a clean-up? @ShorelineCleanup asked their audience on Instagram, and they received some unique answers! From a can of ham, children’s clothing, to a car seat, the trash found has been successfully removed from our shorelines before it made it into our oceans. Every piece of litter counts! 


@OceanWiseEdu celebrated #InternationalDayofEducation by doing a Twitter takeover with educator and Ocean Wise Teacher Advisory Group member, Carrie Antoniazz! She dived in to share some of her favourite ocean education resources that she uses in her classroom. We even had a look at her classroom’s water garden as she discussed aquaculture. Thanks for the great takeover, Carrie! 


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