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Vancouver Aquarium

Rescue of the Week: Mercury from Dawson’s Landing

This week’s rescue story is courtesy of Taryn Roberts, marine mammal rehabilitator and a registered veterinary technologist at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. On June 27, the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre received a call from Nola, a local resident at Dawson’s Landing in River’s Inlet. A baby seal had been found on her […]

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Breakfast Time at the Aquarium

It’s breakfast time at the Vancouver Aquarium, and this five-month Goeldi’s marmoset (Callimico goeldii) is dining on a piece of honeydew melon at the Aquarium’s Graham Amazon Gallery. Look at the marmoset’s long and well-developed tongue. Many different species of marmosets, including the Goeldi’s, feed on sap or gum that ooze out of plants using […]

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It's an insider's view of the animals living here

What’s related to a shrimp or a garden sowbug, and carries its babies on its antennae? An Arctic isopod (Arcturus baffini) – see photo above. Every month, we will be featuring an animal (or plant!) that’s especially cool or unique, but sometimes overlooked by our visitors. These animals are picked by the staff and volunteers who work […]

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Young Black Rockfish are Hiding Everywhere!

That’s exciting, if you’re Dr. Jeff Marliave scuba diving off West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park. He and members of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Fish Research team saw dozens of young black rockfish off West Vancouver a few weeks ago – the discovery gave them a huge sense of satisfaction. It means that their 15-year effort to transplant […]

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