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Vancouver Aquarium

22nd Annual Lingcod Egg Mass Survey

In 1994, the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society created a project to involve the sport diving community in assisting with the collection of data on lingcod populations. At the time the commercial lingcod fishery in the Strait of Georgia had recently been closed, and the sport fishery was restricted by new size limits and annual bag […]

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Nudibranch Prey Item Documentation

While photographing marine life along the famous wall at Browning Pass, east of northern Vancouver Island, I was lucky to capture two examples of the same act of predation (sea slug eating encrusting bryozoans) in a single photograph, as featured above. The Cockerell’s nudibranch, Limacia cockerelli, is seen on top of an encrusting bryozoan, in […]

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2013 Annual Rockfish Abundance Survey

The Vancouver Aquarium invites all SCUBA divers to participate in its annual Rockfish Abundance Survey. Conservation of B.C.’s inshore rockfish species is a serious matter, owing to their slow maturation, longevity and small home territories. Through this diver survey, we hope to collect data that can help us determine how many rockfish there are, where […]

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Novel Cruise Finds Hake and Pollock in Strait of Georgia

Last month, a federal research vessel of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), called  the William E. Ricker, had the opportunity to survey aquatic life in the Strait of Georgia using technology that would enable it to monitor for fish life in varying levels of the water – from the seabed up to the surface. This […]

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