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Ocean Bridge: Changing minds to turn the tide

Hannah Kosick is a young ocean leader and a participant in the 2018 Ocean Bridge program. Find out more about Ocean Bridge here: Bridge

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this past year with Ocean Bridge, it’s that community service is not only beneficial for your community, it’s also amazing for your own overall health and well-being. By recognizing and joining in the dedication of volunteers who organize events, support local citizens and protect the environment, we can create […]

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G7 Youth to the Rescue

The two winners of Ocean Wise's  Ocean Solutions Challenge travel to Halifax to present their solutions to the G7 Environment Ministers' Meeting.

Last spring, Ocean Wise and Environment and Climate Change Canada, invited youth ages 18-25 from the G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, US) to submit their innovative ocean solutions to challenges facing our oceans. The winners were invited to Halifax in June to present their ideas at the G7 Environment Ministers’ Meeting. Meet […]

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Weekly Ocean News 

An new way to preserve seeds for the future; tracking whales from space and more in this week's Ocean News.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity Ecologist Matthew Bracken was surprised to find a kelp forest growing from a mudflat in southeastern Alaska, because kelp requires a hard substrate, like rock, on which to anchor itself. It turned out the kelp holdfasts were not attached to the mud, but to the burrows of Northern feather duster worms that live […]

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A New Partner in Tackling Plastic Pollution

A collaborative paper from Ocean Wise and the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) addresses the sources and solutions to plastic pollution.

There are a few key routes through which plastic travels to the ocean: washing machines that loosen plastic microfibers from clothing, microbeads from cosmetics (recently banned here in Canada), lost or discarded fishing gear and consumer packaging. Ocean Wise is working to tackle fishing pollution through its successful seafood program, while its Plastics Lab studies […]

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A Floating Laboratory

Ocean Wise partners with One Ocean Expeditions on installing custom-built laboratories on three cruise ships.

Inside a 20-foot shipping container, Ocean Wise and One Ocean Expeditions are collaborating on an innovative new lab that will help ocean scientists conduct work in isolated coastal areas. The One Ocean custom-tailored lab will soon be installed on all three One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) cruise ships, which travel to the most remote and pristine […]

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Weekly Ocean News 

Bitcoin's surprising carbon footprint; 17 new species of sea slugs; and more in this week's Ocean News.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity Coral reefs are under threat from climate change, but new research suggests that other reef-building animals might be more adaptable. Sponges are an ancient group of animals who often build structures on coral reefs (among other places), and as oceans change they may become more dominant. Via Scientists have identified 17 […]

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Book Review: The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky

“The history of New York oysters is a history of New York itself..."

Oysters are a great example of humanity’s complex relationship with food, where it comes from and why it has remained a popular food source throughout history. The mention of an oyster can bring up the immense variety in flavours and textures that make it such an exciting culinary experience. Others think of it as a […]

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Talking Plastic Pollution From Coast to Coast 

At Ocean Wise National Dialogue on Plastic, Canadian high-school students convened via video conference to discuss marine pollution.

For the past six weeks youth from across the country have been connecting through video conference to discuss plastic pollution in Canada in the Ocean Wise National Dialogue on Plastics ( Guided by the Centre for Global Education (, each week the youth participated in challenges and heard from expert mentors to better understand this […]

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