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It's Time to Celebrate Ocean Wise Month!

Here are just a few tips for celebrating sustainable seafood with Ocean Wise this November!

November: the wonderful season of cosy socks, warm drinks, evenings by the fireplace and…sustainable seafood! That is right, November is Ocean Wise month and it is our favourite time of the year to celebrate all things sustainable for the long-term health of our world’s lakes, rivers and oceans. Here’s a suggested post for your social […]

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Fish Fillet Without the Fish

New start-up companies are selling lab-grown seafood. Is it tasty? Sustainable? Or just plain hype?

Fishless fish.  Confused? You are not alone. Over the past several months, headlines have popped up announcing companies that are building an entirely new industry: lab-grown seafood. Seafood is the last major source of protein that is harvested from the wild. The whole idea seems like something plucked from a science fiction novel, but is […]

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Aquaculture 101: Part 2

This second installment examines a contentious fish here in BC: farmed salmon.

More than half of seafood consumed globally is farmed. In order to shed some light on the opaque sources of our seafood, I wrote an overview of popular farmed species (see Part 1). Next, let’s address a farmed and controversial species here on Canada’s west coast: salmon. How are BC’s wild salmon populations doing? You […]

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The 1,000-Strong Shoreline Cleanup

How do you organize one of the largest shoreline cleanups in Canada?

Every year, Edmonton teacher Nick Riemann leads a school-wide cleanup of nearly 1,000 student volunteers. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup caught up with Nick to find out how science experiments in a marsh sparked a tradition of cleanups and his tips for coordinating an amazing large-scale endeavour. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, presented by Loblaw […]

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Ocean Wise Applauds Canada and 5 G7 Countries Committed to Reducing Plastic Pollution

Today’s adoption of a global plastics charter by five G-7 countries, including Canada, to target single-use plastic waste reduction is a timely and significant step for protection of our world’s oceans. “As an organization dedicated to tackling ocean plastic pollution, Ocean Wise supports this global commitment, led by Canada with some of the world’s most […]

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To Eat or Not to Eat Farmed Fish? 

Why you should eat more of these farmed fish. (Yes, really!)

“Is this fish farmed or wild?” Restaurant servers often field this question from diners, who are quickly reassured that the fish they’re about to consume is indeed wild. But why are wild fish considered superior to farmed? Is wildness a measure of seafood quality? Many of us have a knee-jerk negative responses to Atlantic salmon […]

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A Mother's Love

Killer whale moms teach their young the critical life skills they need to survive.

Much like humans, mothers play an important role in killer whale culture. Killer whales are highly social, group-living animals whose social structure revolves around females. For some members of the animal kingdom, the challenges of motherhood are relatively fleeting; after a few short weeks of care, their offspring can fend for themselves. Motherhood is not […]

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Vancouver Aquarium -- Our Future

Life in the information age is both exhilarating and challenging. We’re more plugged into technology and instant info than at any time in our history … but we’re also far less connected to our natural world. The understanding and inspiration fostered in the galleries, exhibits and habitats at Vancouver Aquarium has never been more important; […]

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