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Congrats to Seafood Supporter, Guy Dean!

Ocean Wise partner Guy Dean wins this year's Seafood Champion Award for Leadership at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit.

Tireless. Inspiring. Innovative. These are just a few ways to describe Guy Dean, vice president and chief sustainability officer at Albion Farms and Fisheries and long-time Ocean Wise seafood partner. Today, he was awarded the Seafood Champion Award for Leadership at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Barcelona. The word “deserving” can be added to that […]

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Vancouver's First Zero-Waste Grocery Store 

Zero-waste grocery store Nada takes sustainability seriously.

As a marine biologist, Brianne Miller knows all too well the threat that plastic poses to ocean health and aquatic animals. Feeling discouraged by the amount of packaging and plastic generated from her visits to the grocery store, she decided to open her own zero-waste grocery store in Vancouver. The result, Nada, opens this Wednesday June 20th.  […]

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Ocean Wise Applauds Canada and 5 G7 Countries Committed to Reducing Plastic Pollution

Today’s adoption of a global plastics charter by five G-7 countries, including Canada, to target single-use plastic waste reduction is a timely and significant step for protection of our world’s oceans. “As an organization dedicated to tackling ocean plastic pollution, Ocean Wise supports this global commitment, led by Canada with some of the world’s most […]

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Hamilton Pitches In

Canada's 10th largest city joins the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup as a Clean Shoreline Community.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup welcomes the City of Hamilton as the latest official Clean Shoreline Community. Hamilton joins the cities of Calgary, Vancouver and the District of West Vancouver in adopting the green designation awarded by the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, one of the largest direct-action conservation programs in Canada. The partnership supports Our Future […]

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Weekly Ocean News

Eagle nests made of kelp; eDNA aids in the search for the Loch Ness monster and so much more in this week's edition of ocean news.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity A new study outlines how the return of sea otters along B.C’s western coast has helped the ecosystem in more ways than one. Otters keep the sea urchin populations in check, allowing kelp beds to thrive and spread; kelp forests attract many of the animals that eagles feed on, including sea otter […]

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An Eye-Opening Expedition to Haida Gwaii

The 40 youth from Ocean Bridge are learning about ocean health and spearheading conservation on British Columbia archipelago, Haida Gwaii.

Off the coast of British Columbia on the archipelago of Haida Gwaii, 40 young leaders from across Canada have gathered for 10 days to learn about ocean health, share ideas about conservation and lead service projects in the local community. They’re part of Ocean Bridge, a program from Ocean Wise and one of the National […]

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Welcoming Another Clean Shoreline Community

West Vancouver joins Canada's largest cleanup program as an official Clean Shoreline Community

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is pleased to welcome the District of West Vancouver as an official Clean Shoreline Community, joining Calgary, Hamilton and Vancouver as the latest Canadian city to adopt the green designation awarded by one of the largest direct-action conservation programs in Canada. West Vancouver celebrated its first Clean Shoreline Community cleanup […]

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Getting Gulls

This Bird Day, take a closer look at the most widespread and overlooked of birds.

Along with the pigeon, the gull might be the most detested of all birds. They can be loud, aggressive and particularly annoying when you’re trying to eat some fries near a coastline. But Perry Poon, Ocean Wise’s prop master, does not think of them as a common pest. He is curious about where they might […]

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