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Compost Your Holidays

Shoreline Cleanup's guide to a compostable holiday season, decorations included.

Our homes and neighbourhoods are all decked out in the season’s festive finery. While this time of year is cozy and jolly, there is a downside to all the glitter and lights. During the holidays we tend to accumulate and then immediately throw out things like decorations, gifts, trees and lots more, without a second […]

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My Summer on the Shorelines

Ania shares her summer experience with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup team as an Environmental Outreach Educator through UNA-Canada’s Green Spaces.

One year ago, I went on a life-changing expedition to Ecuador and spent five weeks in the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands. Organized through the University of Toronto, I spent this time studying species’ conservation and getting a firsthand look at some of the world’s most well-known ecological hotspots. Only after […]

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Taking the Office Outdoors

Leading a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup for the workplace is a great way to impress your coworkers and become an instant office hero.

Matthew Zarmati, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator for Loblaw Companies Limited, is one of our  Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup champions and a leader in the workplace. He has encouraged thousands of Loblaw employees and families to volunteer across the country. We caught up with Matt to hear his shoreline cleanup stories and learn some valuable tips […]

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Weekly Ocean News

New research on the echolocation advantages of toothed whales; cutlip minnows use colour to attract mates and more in this week's Ocean News.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity Cutlip minnows use their eye for colour to attract mates, according to researchers in Ontario. Males select the most colourful pebbles when building their nests on the river bed, relying on their sensitivity to orange (which is important in recognizing crustaceans, their main source of food). The researchers further noted that due […]

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Raising the Dead

The Vancouver Aquarium takes steps to preserve the remains of an ancient fish.

Tucked in the basement corner of the Vancouver Aquarium is a scary looking fish suspended in a mix of water and alcohol. This is a coelacanth (pronounced “seel-a-canth”) and, at 1.7 metres long and weighing 77 kilograms, it is one cool fish. Perry Poon, the props coordinator at the Vancouver Aquarium, points to the fleshy […]

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Weekly Ocean News

What the stool of fur seals can teach us; B.C. unveils new and improved environmental assessments and more in this week's Ocean News.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity A study conducted by the University of Georgia found plastic microfibers in the stool of wild South American fur seals. The team examined stool from 51 fur seals and found that 67 % of the samples had an abundance of microfibers. Scientists have yet to determine if microfibers have any adverse effects […]

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A Year of Ocean Service 

The 2018 Ocean Bridge cohort looks back on the last year of ocean service and a lifetime's worth of memories.

With the conclusion of the Vancouver portion of the Ocean Bridge program, it’s hard to believe my time with Ocean Bridge is slowly coming to an end. I’ve been reflecting on the newfound direction this experience has given me and the community we’ve built. My reflection of this amazing program will hopefully be a preview […]

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Book Review: The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky

“The history of New York oysters is a history of New York itself..."

Oysters are a great example of humanity’s complex relationship with food, where it comes from and why it has remained a popular food source throughout history. The mention of an oyster can bring up the immense variety in flavours and textures that make it such an exciting culinary experience. Others think of it as a […]

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