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Congrats to Seafood Supporter, Guy Dean!

Ocean Wise partner Guy Dean wins this year's Seafood Champion Award for Leadership at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit.

Tireless. Inspiring. Innovative. These are just a few ways to describe Guy Dean, vice president and chief sustainability officer at Albion Farms and Fisheries and long-time Ocean Wise seafood partner. Today, he was awarded the Seafood Champion Award for Leadership at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Barcelona. The word “deserving” can be added to that […]

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Sustainable Seafood in the Sky

Toronto's famous CN Tower is now serving Ocean Wise-approved seafood.

Some 350 metres above Toronto’s downtown, big changes are happening. Toronto’s highest restaurant inside the CN Tower is now a proud partner of the Ocean Wise Seafood program. At 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, you can now find the Ocean Wise symbol beside an assortment of sustainable options from both Canadian coasts. With a […]

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Hooked on Local

Ocean Wise Seafood is showing chefs the sustainable-seafood way in the world's largest freshwater fishery.

Ocean Wise Seafood is an ocean-conservation program, but we also strive to conserve and protect the world’s rivers and lakes. Ocean Wise Seafood has an office in Toronto and loves to boast about the bounty that Ontario has to offer, including seafood. For instance, did you know that Ontario is home to the world’s largest […]

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Ocean Wise Seafood Celebrates 10 Years of Chinese Restaurant Awards

Check out the vast range of sustainable seafood flavours on display at the Chinese Restaurant Awards.

Seafood has always been a highly celebrated mainstay in many Chinese cuisines, and the Ocean Wise Seafood program has turned to underscoring a number of sustainable seafood options that are familiar within the Chinese culinary community to inspire chefs and diners to choose and favour more seafood options that help support the health and resiliency […]

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Surfing Sustainable Seafood

Ocean Wise partners with tech startup, Transparent Kitchen, to spread sustainable seafood knowledge.

For the first time ever, the Ocean Wise seafood program is adding a tech company to its growing list of partner restaurants, retailers and dogfood suppliers. Transparent Kitchen, a start-up from Ottawa, is an interactive multimedia platform where users can explore beautiful photos, enticing ingredients, detailed menus and more from their favourite restaurants and chefs. […]

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Crafting a Sustainable Future

CRAFT Beer Market has a fitting home in Vancouver, especially for a restaurant dedicated to sustainability. Situated inside the historic Salt Building in Olympic Village, the neighbourhood is home to some of the most sustainable buildings in the city. But it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, sawmills, shipbuilders and other heavy industry […]

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The Launch of the First Ocean Wise Ontario Seafood Guide is Here Just in Time

As fall creeps in and the leaves begin to turn, you may be wondering – how can I keep up that summer health kick, even as the peach trees empty in Niagara and the Okanagan? Because you are on the Aquablog, it is clear you are wondering about sustainability, too. But how will you know […]

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Cod: A Book Review...Sort of

In July of 1992 the Canadian government closed the Atlantic Cod Fishery. This moratorium was meant to be in place for only two years but 25 years later, the moratorium stands and the fishery is still closed. This fishery not only brought affordable seafood to the masses, but it provided 40,000 jobs to families who […]

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