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Ocean Wise Applauds Canada and 5 G7 Countries Committed to Reducing Plastic Pollution

Today’s adoption of a global plastics charter by five G-7 countries, including Canada, to target single-use plastic waste reduction is a timely and significant step for protection of our world’s oceans. “As an organization dedicated to tackling ocean plastic pollution, Ocean Wise supports this global commitment, led by Canada with some of the world’s most […]

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To Eat or Not to Eat Farmed Fish? 

Why you should eat more of these farmed fish. (Yes, really!)

“Is this fish farmed or wild?” Restaurant servers often field this question from diners, who are quickly reassured that the fish they’re about to consume is indeed wild. But why are wild fish considered superior to farmed? Is wildness a measure of seafood quality? Many of us have a knee-jerk negative responses to Atlantic salmon […]

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An Eye-Opening Expedition to Haida Gwaii

The 40 youth from Ocean Bridge are learning about ocean health and spearheading conservation on British Columbia archipelago, Haida Gwaii.

Off the coast of British Columbia on the archipelago of Haida Gwaii, 40 young leaders from across Canada have gathered for 10 days to learn about ocean health, share ideas about conservation and lead service projects in the local community. They’re part of Ocean Bridge, a program from Ocean Wise and one of the National […]

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Make an Ocean Impact

Imagine a team of youth working together to create real-world contributions to ocean conservation in their communities. Each week they’ll connect virtually to discuss climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution, and build ideas for local improvement projects. This team will embark on extended expeditions to conservation hot spots across Canada, like British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii […]

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Top Ocean Stories for 2017

New marine creatures, new partnerships and new protections made our round-up of ocean stories this year. First United Nations Conference on Ocean Health In June, the UN organized the first ocean conference of its kind with 200 countries mobilizing on ocean conservation and making more than 1,400 voluntary commitments to face the threats of ocean warming, acidification, […]

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Ocean Wise Book Review: Ocean Country

Ocean Country: One Woman’s Journey from Peril to Hope in Her Quest to Save the Seas By Liz Cunningham (North Atlantic Books, 2015) After a near-death experience in the Pacific Ocean, writer Liz Cunningham set out on a unique journey: to explore her relationship with the ocean. Along the way, she traveled the world, met […]

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Protecting the Arctic “Doughnut Hole” from Commercial Fishing

It’s not every day that we have reason to celebrate good news about the ocean, but this week, we do. A new international fishing agreement protecting the Arctic high seas is a game-changer for marine life and the Indigenous peoples who rely on it for social, cultural, economic and nutritional sustenance. On Thursday November 30, […]

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Connecting Across Oceans

Ocean Wise Education is embarking on a new and exciting digital adventure. In recent years, technical advances have paved the way for digital education and online learning. Video conferencing is yet another way to break down barriers to education, by reaching students who might not have the opportunity to visit Ocean Wise’s Vancouver Aquarium and […]

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