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It's Time to Celebrate Ocean Wise Month!

Here are just a few tips for celebrating sustainable seafood with Ocean Wise this November!

November: the wonderful season of cosy socks, warm drinks, evenings by the fireplace and…sustainable seafood! That is right, November is Ocean Wise month and it is our favourite time of the year to celebrate all things sustainable for the long-term health of our world’s lakes, rivers and oceans. Here’s a suggested post for your social […]

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Fish Fillet Without the Fish

New start-up companies are selling lab-grown seafood. Is it tasty? Sustainable? Or just plain hype?

Fishless fish.  Confused? You are not alone. Over the past several months, headlines have popped up announcing companies that are building an entirely new industry: lab-grown seafood. Seafood is the last major source of protein that is harvested from the wild. The whole idea seems like something plucked from a science fiction novel, but is […]

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Aquaculture 101: Part 2

This second installment examines a contentious fish here in BC: farmed salmon.

More than half of seafood consumed globally is farmed. In order to shed some light on the opaque sources of our seafood, I wrote an overview of popular farmed species (see Part 1). Next, let’s address a farmed and controversial species here on Canada’s west coast: salmon. How are BC’s wild salmon populations doing? You […]

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To Eat or Not to Eat Farmed Fish? 

Why you should eat more of these farmed fish. (Yes, really!)

“Is this fish farmed or wild?” Restaurant servers often field this question from diners, who are quickly reassured that the fish they’re about to consume is indeed wild. But why are wild fish considered superior to farmed? Is wildness a measure of seafood quality? Many of us have a knee-jerk negative responses to Atlantic salmon […]

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Ocean Wise Book Review: Ocean Country

Ocean Country: One Woman’s Journey from Peril to Hope in Her Quest to Save the Seas By Liz Cunningham (North Atlantic Books, 2015) After a near-death experience in the Pacific Ocean, writer Liz Cunningham set out on a unique journey: to explore her relationship with the ocean. Along the way, she traveled the world, met […]

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Tools New and Old for an Ocean Wise Life

According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) nine in 10 of the world’s fisheries are overfished or at capacity. And combined with climate change, overfishing is putting enormous, unabating pressure on global fish stocks. It’s in response to this worsening crisis that initiatives like the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program were established. The […]

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One Chef’s First Trip to Seafood Heaven, AKA Japan

As a Vancouver chef and a sustainable seafood advocate, Japan has been on my bucket list forever. This year, the dream finally came true when I spoke at the Seafood Legacy’s Sustainable Seafood Summit in Tokyo. Right after stepping off the plane, I started wandering the Shinjuku neighbourhood of Tokyo, passing sushi and ramen restaurants […]

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Ocean Wise Seafood Expands to La Belle Provence

Over the past few years, the concept of sustainable food has made significant headway in Quebec. As a result, many Quebecers are increasingly interested in the source of our seafood. Just in time comes the Ocean Wise Seafood expansion to Quebec. With successful offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax, and a great reputation across the […]

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