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Proud & Loud After Hours 

Pride Week 2018 brought drag queens, contests, and sex talks to the Vancouver Aquarium.

It was not a typical After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium last Thursday. Guests  dressed in their finest drag: lycra tights, rainbow sashes and ribbons, purple tutus, electric-pink wigs, fishnet stockings and more for —you guessed it — Pride Week! With high-energy drag performances from drag queen Carlotta Gurl (a first-ever for After Hours!) and shocking aquatic animal […]

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Vancouver Aquarium -- Our Future

Life in the information age is both exhilarating and challenging. We’re more plugged into technology and instant info than at any time in our history … but we’re also far less connected to our natural world. The understanding and inspiration fostered in the galleries, exhibits and habitats at Vancouver Aquarium has never been more important; […]

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Top Ocean Stories for 2017

New marine creatures, new partnerships and new protections made our round-up of ocean stories this year. First United Nations Conference on Ocean Health In June, the UN organized the first ocean conference of its kind with 200 countries mobilizing on ocean conservation and making more than 1,400 voluntary commitments to face the threats of ocean warming, acidification, […]

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Another Year, Another Gingerbread Face-Off

Which Ocean Wise initiative is the best (at building gingerbread houses)? Welcome to the annual Ocean Wise Gingerbread Contest, where all the people that make this place hum face off in sugary battle of jujubes, icing and blue-whale gummies. There are a few rules to obey, like making the house 100% compostable (lighting excluded) and […]

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Vancouver Aquarium Welcomes Walruses Lakina and Balzak

Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative, is pleased to announce the arrival of two young walruses — Lakina and Balzak — from Aquarium du Québec. During the coming months, the young walruses and Vancouver Aquarium’s marine mammal team will get to know each other and develop the strong, trusting relationship crucial to animal care.  Vancouver […]

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One Whale’s Rescue Story, 15 Years Later

In January 2002, a two-year old killer whale was discovered, emaciated and alone, in Puget Sound near Seattle. Killer whales almost never travel alone, so a young female swimming by herself in a high-traffic area was cause for concern. The whale turned out to be Springer, who belonged to one of three clans that make […]

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How Do You Love a Whale?

In November 2016, when the beluga whale Qila died suddenly at the Vancouver Aquarium, I was on the other side of the country in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Fortunately, I made it to Vancouver a few days later to see Qila’s mother, Aurora, before she passed away, too. It is a tragic coincidence that almost exactly […]

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Shoreline Spotlight: Q&A with the Litter Mermaids

If mermaids were real, they would know all too well the threat that litter poses to the ocean.  But there are two land-based mermaids, Melanie and Claire McDaniel, who understand how dirty waterways affect the ocean. This mother-daughter duo created a small business called In Your Element Mermaids that performs for special events and birthday […]

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